What Is a Complimentary Oral Health Consultation?

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oral health examSometimes you have questions for your dentist about a procedure or dental concern that don’t warrant a full oral health exam, but you’d still like to ask. This is where a complimentary oral health consultation comes into play. With a complimentary oral health consultation, your dentist can provide insight into what treatments you may need and answer any questions you may have without requiring a full dental appointment. 


There are some benefits to this style of consultation. First, patients can discuss their concerns with their dental team and get more information on treatments and procedures before they happen. You usually only pay for the visit with a complimentary oral health consultation if more serious examinations are needed. This means patients can better understand the procedures they must do without incurring a dental bill. 


On top of this, an oral health exam can set a baseline for your dentist so they have a better idea of your dental health before planning more procedures. Of course, this does not give them as much information as a full dental exam. However, if you’re meeting a dentist for the first time or have new dental concerns, a complimentary oral health consultation or exam can provide a baseline for future treatments. 

What to Expect at a Complimentary Oral Health Consultation

A complimentary oral health consultation usually does not require additional tests or treatments, as these are billed separately. At an oral health consultation, you and your dentist can discuss treatment options and concerns, and get a general baseline for your oral health, all in around an hour. 


A complimentary oral health consultation is a great time to discuss financing and payment plans, concerns with your treatment options, or to get clarification on any procedures your dentist recommends. If you’re worried about the cost of a procedure or treatment, you can always voice your concerns with your dentist during a consultation. They may be able to help you identify financing options that allow you to balance your dental health with your financial health. 


Remember that if your dentist recommends X-rays or other diagnostic tools, these may not be included in your complimentary consultation, and you will most likely be billed for these tests. However, in most cases, oral health consultations involve limited dental examination and are more geared toward discussing oral health concerns, treatment options, and more. 


If you have any outstanding or new health concerns or struggle with dental anxiety, complimentary oral health consultations can be a great way to discuss treatment options with your dentist and ensure that your entire dental care team is on the same page regarding your treatment plan. Discussing various procedures in detail can also help alleviate dental anxiety, making this a great option for those hesitant about dental visits. 


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