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Looking For the Best Children’s Dentist in Houston?

Our dental team loves working with children and helping them start a lifetime of great dental health.

Kids enjoy their time at our Southwest Houston dental office.  Our office is a friendly, happy place.  We have games, toys, and TVs in every room to help children feel right at home.

We provide oral exams to make sure their young teeth are healthy.  We will address any issues with the parent to ensure problems are corrected before they become worse.

We are happy to serve as your First Dental Home.  Dr. David Yu is enrolled as a Texas Medicaid Texas Health Steps provider.  This service is aimed at children 6 months – 35 months of age to educate and establish good oral hygiene habits.

We believe that by teaching children how to care for their teeth now, they will have fewer dental issues throughout the rest of their life.

Schedule your child’s appointment today and help them get on the right path to their best oral health.

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