4 Things to Expect After a Tooth Extraction

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Tooth extractions are never fun, but whenever they take place, they are done out of necessity. At Bright Value Dental, our Bellaire dentists conduct tooth extractions quite often, whether due to bothersome wisdom teeth or heavy tooth decay.

A tooth extraction is oral surgery and with any surgery, there is the required time for recuperation. During this time, there are several things you should expect after your surgery. Here are common four things to expect after a tooth extraction and how to deal with them:

  • NUMBNESS: After your surgery, you should expect numbness in that area for a period of time, usually between 5-10 hours. One of the many reasons why we recommend not eating anything solid, even soft, for the for first day is because the tongue can be numb too. When the tongue is numb, it becomes easier to bite, which can lead to even more painful after effects.
  • PAIN: A tooth has just been pulled from your mouth, so pain is going to be a given. This is why our dentists will provide you with a prescription for pain medicine. Be sure to get that prescription filled. Otherwise, you’ll be dealing with a considerable amount of pain. Also, if and when you get the prescription filled, be certain not to add any other pain medication, like Tylenol, to it. This could lead to an overdosage of medicine. When it comes to swelling associated with the pain, put an icepack on your cheek where the swelling is located.
  • BLEEDING: After your tooth extraction, you will have a gauze placed over the wound. Be sure to keep there for at least 30 minutes. There will be plenty of bleeding and the gauze will help stop it. You will be given more gauze to replace the used one. Keep the gauze on there to halt the bleeding and be sure the gauze remains wet. If you need to spit any blood out, be sure not to actually spit, but simply lean over and let the saliva and spit fall out of your mouth.
  • DIET RESTRICTIONS: Yes, as aforementioned, there will be diet restrictions. You will be able to eat soft cool foods, although only chew on the non-affected side. Drink plenty of liquids, in particular water, but not through a straw, as this could lead to dry socket. Harder foods will be able to be eaten after the area has healed, which should be between 3-5 days. If the area is still sensitive, we recommend not eating any sharp foods, as this could lead to pain in the area. Popcorn, nuts and seeds should be eaten after about six weeks time.


If you are in need of a tooth extraction, then contact our dental office in the Bellaire area. Our dentists look forward to helping you achieve a brighter smile.