When Should You Receive Dentures or a Bridge?

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Our Bellaire patients who are concerned with their smiles and their oral health because of missing teeth should consider getting dentures. Our dental office provides top of the line dentures and bridges that make it seem as if the patient has all their teeth.


There are various reasons for needing some form of prosthodontics. We have encountered countless needs with our Houston patients. Here are some of the more common reasons for receiving prosthetic teeth:

  • DENTURES – These are called false teeth by many people. These are used for people who have lost all or most of their teeth. Dentures are made of metal and acrylic resin, which are extremely durable. The teeth of dentures are commonly made of plastic. These false teeth enable patients to return to normalcy with their oral functions, like speaking and chewing regularly.
  • BRIDGES – Bridges have become a real lifesaver for many people. These are typically one or three teeth sets that cover a gap of missing teeth. For those who aren’t interested in dental implants, bridges are a perfect fit. The tooth of the bridge is created to match the existing teeth so that it does not stand out, leaving the patient feeling self-conscious. This also helps with speaking and chewing normally.

Our goal at Bright Value Dental in Bellaire is to ensure that every patient feels comfortable and confident with their smile. We have found over the years that dentures and bridges help tremendously with that.


If you are missing some or even all of your teeth, then Bright Value Dental can help. We can get your smile back to its beautiful gleam. Whether you have suffered from tooth decay or dental avulsion (from an accident or injury), then our dentists can help. Allow us to perfect your smile today. Contact us and schedule your appointment.