Can I Visit a Dentist in Houston, TX Without Insurance?

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Dental insurance can be confusing at first glance. Here, we discuss everything a beginner needs to know about dental insurance, how much it costs, and if you need dental insurance to visit a dentist. Thankfully, plenty of dentists accept dental insurance and will see patients without dental insurance, so don’t let having or not having dental insurance keep you from seeing a dentist in Houston, TX. Let’s look at dental insurance, shall we? 

What Is Dental Insurance?

Dental insurance is a type of insurance that covers part or all of the costs associated with dentistry. Like medical insurance, dental insurance comes with its premiums (how much you pay a month for insurance), deductibles (the amount the patient has to pay), and coverage (what dental insurance will pay for). Review your dental insurance plan carefully, as some plans only cover a certain amount of work during a calendar year. 

Dental insurance may come from your job, or you can get it from the healthcare marketplace that applies in your state. Regardless of where you get your dental insurance, choose a dental provider within the network for that insurance. If a provider is in the network, they take said insurance provider and cost less than working outside your network. 

How Much Does Dental Insurance Cost?

Dental insurance ranges in cost depending on where you live, your coverage, and other factors. On average, dental insurance can cost anywhere from $15 a month to up to $100 a month for more intense coverage. You may also pay more if you have a family plan with multiple patients or are in a certain income bracket. 

Outside of the monthly costs, you also can expect to pay with your dental insurance whenever you have a procedure done that’s not fully covered. This is called a copay and depends mainly on your insurance and what procedure you’re getting done. Things like cleanings and regular checkups are usually cheaper, while aesthetic procedures like teeth whitening and aesthetic veneers may not be covered at all. 

Make sure to consult your plan carefully to find out what is covered. You can also talk to your dentist about payment options and coverage if you need clarification on the cost of a procedure or visit. 

Do I Need Dental Insurance?

While you don’t need dental insurance to see a dentist in Houston, TX, it can help offset the cost of dental care and may benefit you in the long run. Suppose you don’t qualify for dental insurance. In that case, there are other payment options, including Care Credit accounts and payment plans to help you gradually pay for a procedure instead of paying all at once. Be sure to review your options before investing in dental insurance, and talk to your dentist to find out what insurance plans they work with.

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