Has the New Year Brought New Teeth?

2018-01-10T08:05:54+00:00 January 10th, 2018|Kids Dentistry|0 Comments

We are finally several days into 2018 and for some kids that means new teeth are on the rise. If your kids ended 2017 with their teeth missing, then pretty soon new teeth will be taking their place. This is an important time for a child’s oral health.

When children start getting new teeth, they need to have a kids dentist they like and trust. Our Bright Value Dental dentists are great with kids and love teaching children how to best take care of their teeth. Our Houston dental clinic is focused on ensuring all of our local kids know how to protect their teeth and overall oral health.

When kids come to our kids dentist office, they feel right at home. Our dentists and dental staff understand that children can often be nervous about going to the dentist. We take it very seriously not to make things too serious for kids.

Kids dental appointments are a time for learning and having a good time, and making sure teeth are in great condition. Our dentists are very thorough and make certain every child is ready for the new year. Here is the simple process of Bright Value Dental:

  • EXAMS: Each patient is given a thorough examination to see precisely what their dental problems may be. Each tooth is checked and X-rays are given.
  • DIAGNOSIS: After the exam, our dentists inform the parents what type of dental issues their child is facing. We also ensure they are provided with a thorough layout of how to best take care of any problems.
  • PROCEDURE: After the diagnosis, the parent enables our kids dentist to take care of the child’s problem. This can be done immediately or it can be schedule for a later date.

Our goal is to make the entire process very simple and to put kids back on the path of pristine oral health. If your child has new teeth coming in or if they haven’t visited the dentist in a while, then schedule their dental appointment today. Our dental staff at Bright Value Dental looks forward to taking care of your whole family.