Get Your Dentures for the New Year

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Did you spend more of last year working around your missing teeth? Choosing food you didn’t want? Not smiling for the camera, and never laughing when the moment was right? Let 2017 be the last year you do that.

Come to Bright Value Dental today and get fitted for a brand new smile. Ring in the new year with a custom set of dentures.


Getting dentures, also known as prosthodontics, is an easy process, although they are intricately made. Here are the steps to receiving a new set of custom-fitted dentures from our Bellaire dental office:

  • SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT: Call our dental office and schedule an appointment. Our dental staff will work with you to find a suitable time and will provide information about how your dental insurance can help you.
  • GET YOUR IMPRESSION: Come in for your dental appointment and our dentist will conduct a thorough examination of your mouth. We will then take an impression of your mouth and from there we will have a set of dentures created that will be customized to fit your mouth.
  • TRY THEM ON: Once the dentures are created and ready for you, our Bellaire dental office will contact you for you to come get them. You will try them on at the office and make sure they fit comfortably and perfectly. Once you are satisfied and have all your questions and concerns answered, you will be set to go with your brand new smile.


Dentures can be a life-changing dental product. Patients who come to us for dentures have had to deal with a number of issues, like self-consciousness, compressed facial structure, and a very limited amount of food options. With dentures, patients can smile freely with a beautiful set of teeth and can resume their normal oral functions.

Come to our dental office in the Sharpstown area this new year and get your new smile with a great set of dentures.