The 4 Things You Shouldn’t Do After A Tooth Extraction

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after a tooth extractionTooth extraction is often essential if you have a decaying or problematic tooth. A dentist will only offer an extraction if it is necessary or beneficial for your oral health. 


After an extraction, there are some things that you should and shouldn’t do to aid a quick and safe recovery. 


Some examples of things that you should do include avoiding stress and keeping the area clean. These steps can be self-explanatory and obvious. 


The things that people shouldn’t do after tooth extraction are often misconceiving. Some people will think it is okay to continue with their lifestyle and go back to eating their usual foods. However, this can cause pain and complications. 


On that note, after tooth extraction here are the four things that you should avoid. 


Spitting after tooth extraction can cause a build-up of pressure on the mouth, which can put stress on the affected tooth as well as the gum. You might feel the need to spit due to excess blood or an unusual taste. Instead, you should rinse your mouth with salt water to keep it clean and remove anything that is irritating you.


Sipping Through A Straw

Although many people might assume that sipping a drink through a straw following an extraction is the right thing to do, it can actually cause further complications. 


Like spitting, sipping through a straw also can cause a lot of pressure on the mouth and the tooth, which can dislodge the blood clot and cause excessive bleeding. Instead, sip drinks slowly using the glass.



After an extraction, it is important to avoid smoking. Smoking will slow the healing process and also create pressure in the mouth, just like a straw does. It can cause the blood clot to move or be removed, which can cause further bleeding and pain. 


It is advised to avoid smoking for at least a few days following a tooth extraction to prevent the blood clot from dislodging or not forming how it should.


Foods and Drink No No’s

There are certain foods and drinks that should be avoided after tooth extraction. It is advised to avoid eating hard foods, as this can cause pressure in the mouth and also hurt the tender area. Eating a liquid diet as much as possible will ensure keeping the area calm. Avoiding anything sticky and chewy is also advised. 


Foods like jelly, ice cream, soft cheese, soups, and puddings are good choices. It is also a good idea to avoid extremely hot foods as your mouth might be sensitive for the first 24 hours following the treatment. Should you want a hot drink or to eat hot soup, then give it plenty of time to cool down so that your mouth doesn’t react to it. Trying to eat warm or cool foods and drinks is the best option. 


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