A Dental Bridge for a Dental Emergency

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Our dental office in Bellaire helps provide beautiful smiles to every patient. This is especially true whenever there is a dental emergency. A dental emergency is one of those moments when you have to get to the dentist right away. We have seen just about every type of dental issue and our knowledgeable dental team is prepared to take care of any problem.

One of the issues we encounter at our dental clinic is avulsed teeth. This is when the patient experiences an injury or accident that forcibly knocks out a tooth. We know this moment in time can be full of panic stricken worry, but Bright Value Dental is here to ensure our patients that there is no need to worry.

There are plenty of options to taking care of an avulsed tooth:

  • DENTAL BRIDGE: For any age, a dental bridge can be utilized for a missing tooth. Dental bridges are made of porcelain or resin and are made to look and feel exactly like a regular tooth. These are extremely durable and can be removed and placed back in the mouth at the patient’s convenience.
  • DENTAL IMPLANT: A dental implant provides a replacement tooth for an avulsed or missing tooth. This procedure uses titanium and is placed into the jawbone. The bone grows around the titanium implant, securing it into place. A porcelain crown is placed on top, giving the appearance as if there never was a missing tooth.
  • SAVE THE TOOTH: If a tooth is knocked out, it can still be restored. This is a very timely manner. Pick up the tooth by the crown and not by the roots. Keep the tooth moist until you can reach our office. This doesn’t mean to put the tooth in water. Do one of the following: keep the tooth in the mouth, place it in milk, or inside a tooth preservation kit. Try to reach the dentist within 30 minutes of the injury.

Regardless of the state of the tooth, Bright Value Dental can ensure a smile doesn’t suffer because of an accident or an injury. We encourage all patients to call our office immediately when a tooth is knocked out so our dental team can walk patients through the right steps. The final step is making the right decision on how to restore the smile, whether with an implant, tooth restoration, or with a dental bridge.

For dental emergencies or more information about dental bridges or prosthodontics, contact our Bellaire dental clinic.