Does Your Child Need a Great Kids Dentist?

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Kids dentistry is a major key to our dental firm in the Bellaire and Sharpstown area. Studying teeth is very important, even at a young age. Our kids dentists love working in the field of pediatrics. It is a time to conduct thorough examinations of young teeth and begin the course of oral hygiene education.

Dr. David Yu and our staff take time with each patient to inform them of the current state of their teeth and the future of their oral health. Seeing children at a young age helps ensure they will have great long term oral health.


By finding cavities, inflamed gums, or plaque buildup, our kids dentists can ensure that problems are corrected immediately or further issues can be avoided. Cavities can be eliminated by the simple procedure of dental fillings. Inflamed gums are the sign of potential or current gum disease (periodontal disease). Gum disease can be reversed and our dentists will inform the patient and their parents of how this can be done. When it comes to plaque buildup, which leads directly to cavities and gum disease, our dentists will conduct a dental cleaning to remove this hard to remove plaque.

These are just some of the ways our Bellaire dentists help keep young teeth healthy and clean. Our goal is to ensure kids have the best opportunity to have a healthy oral lifestyle. We feel the best way to protect kids’ mouths is through education. Our dental team can’t always be there to inspect their teeth. This is why we encourage them to always brush twice per day, floss their teeth every day, and to use age-appropriate mouthwash.


If you have been searching for a great family dentist in Bellaire or Sharpstown, then contact Bright Value Dental. Our dental staff looks forward to ensuring you and your family have the best oral health.