How Prosthodontics Give You Your Smile Back

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It is possible to have a beautiful smile for your entire life? At Bright Value Dental in Bellaire, we know it is. Our dental office, located in south Houston, works with every patient of every age to ensure they are completely satisfied with their smile.

When patients reach a certain age, it becomes very difficult to maintain a beautiful smile due to wear and tear of the teeth. Teeth soon become weaker with age or more susceptible to cavities. This is why our Bellaire dentist office provides dentures and bridges.


Dentures and bridges provide beautiful smiles to every dental patient, even if they do not have any of their original teeth. Our dentists take the time to survey the patient’s mouth and existing teeth to ensure what will work best for them: dentures or bridges. These two options are in the field of prosthodontics.

If a patient is missing one or a couple of teeth, then we are able to provide the patient with a dental bridge to connect his or her existing teeth together. This procedure makes it appear as if there were never any missing teeth. We ensure that the new prosthetic teeth and gums match up to the existing teeth and surrounding gums.

This is also the same vision for dentures. We work tirelessly to keep dentures looking authentic. Part of this process is making certain that these false teeth look and function just like real teeth.

These prosthetic teeth are designed not only to enable patients to smile freely again, but also to eat food that they previously wouldn’t have been able to. At Bright Value Dental, our patients love their dentures and bridges and the freedom they provide them to smile and function freely.


Has time worn out your teeth or caused you to lose some teeth? Then contact our dentist in south Houston and schedule your prosthodontics appointment today.