Put Your Child On the Right Path to Oral Health

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It’s easy to talk about the future. It’s another thing to plan for it. When it comes to pediatric dentistry, our Bellaire dentists understand the importance of planning for the future of a child’s oral health.

At Bright Value Dental, our dental staff takes the time to educate kids and their parents on how to best care for these young teeth. We know that managing teeth and overall oral hygiene properly early on will typically translate into great oral health as they grow older. When a child learns how to combat plaque, periodontal disease (gum disease), and cavities, then by the time they become a teenager and adult, keeping a clean mouth will simply be second nature.


When it comes to anything important, we think you should always go to the professionals. When it comes to oral health, always consult your dentist. When you schedule your dentist appointment, our south Houston dentists will take the time to educate your child on how to properly brush and floss. During the dental cleanings, which should be conducted every six months, we pinpoint any particular trouble spots that could create poor oral health, like cavities or gum disease.

We answer any and all questions parents may have on which products to use for their child’s oral health. We also provide recommendations and daily dental routine ideas for kids.

Maintaining the best oral health can be a rather simple task. It all comes down to consistency and thoroughness. Brushing. Flossing. Rinsing. Dental cleanings. That is the recipe for success.


  • Set Times – When it comes to brushing, flossing and rinsing, set times for your child to perform these activities (after breakfast, before going to bed, after dinner, etc.)
  • Different Diet – There are such things as bad sugars. These typically come from manufactured sweets, like candy bars or cookies. Start eating more fruits and natural foods.
  • More Water – Whenever eating healthy or unhealthy food, always have water during or shortly afterward to wash everything down and remove food particles from between teeth. Swash that water around!


If your child hasn’t had their dental cleaning in six months, then bring your child in today for their dental cleaning. Our Bellaire dentist office is here to put your child on the right path to great oral health. Contact us today.