Get Your Best Dental Care at Bright Value Dental

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Taking care of kids’ teeth is one of Bright Value Dental’s prime goals for its Houston patients. We understand the importance of educating kids with their oral health. There are many children that simply do not understand the importance of taking care of the essentials of dental hygiene.

Our Bellaire dental office work hard to not only take care of every patient’s teeth, but also inform them of ways to conduct best dental practices at home. Here are some of the methods we encourage our pediatric patients to use to protect and strengthen their teeth in order to achieve their best dental care:

  • BRUSHING – Every child and adult should brush their teeth two times a day. It is best to brush before going to bed and after waking up in the morning. Throughout the day, sugars and plaque from eating and drinking begins to build up. These must be removed before going to bed. Patients that don’t brush their teeth and leave the sugars and plaque on their teeth enable cavities to form. When patients brush in the morning, this eliminates bad breath, bacteria, and plaque that can form while they sleep.
  • FLOSSING – Along with brushing teeth, flossing is extremely important because the toothbrush can’t reach everywhere in the mouth. Make sure these sugars and plaque don’t get caught in between the teeth, otherwise cavities and periodontal disease (gum disease) can become a problem. Flossing helps make certain that food particles, sugars, and plaque buildup is eliminated.
  • RINSING – Rinsing with antiseptic is also a good idea. Although straight water can be helpful, it may not be enough. If you want your child to mouthwash, make certain it is kid-friendly. Check the labels for the age requirements before you purchase it. Using mouthwash can really help eliminate leftover bacteria.
  • DENTAL CLEANING – Visiting the dentist every six months isn’t just for adults. This is essential for children as well. During the dental visit, our south Houston dentists conduct dental cleanings. These cleanings will get rid of hard to remove plaque and will also allow our dentists to check the patient’s mouth for potential issues.


Contact Bright Value Dental today and schedule your dental cleaning. This will be a great time for our dentists to check the status of your teeth and overall oral health. We look forward to providing you and your family members with the best dental care.