Beautify Your Smile with Houston Dentures

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Our Houston dental office provides patients with prosthodontic options. This procedure replaces teeth for patients who are missing many or all of their teeth. Prosthodontics is known as the art of creating dentures, bridges, and other false teeth options.

Easter is coming up, which means many families will be getting together and taking photos. If you are missing all or many of your teeth, then you should consider making an appointment with our dental clinic, located in the Bellaire and Sharpstown area. Our dental office works hard to conduct all of our dental procedures in a timely manner. Performing prosthodontic procedures is no different.


Our dental office makes getting dentures or a dental bridge easy. Once an appointment is set, our patients come in and meet with our dentist. The dentist discusses what prosthodontics is and does and answer any questions and concerns the patient may have. Our Bellaire dentist conducts a thorough examination of the patient’s mouth to check if prosthodontics is the best method to perfecting their teeth. Once it is agreed that prosthodontics is the best method to perfecting a person’s smile, an impression is taken. This impression ensures that the dentures created are custom fit for the patient.

Once the impression is completed. The impression is sent to the prosthodontics lab where the dentures are created. These are done quickly and sent back to the dental office. Our Bellaire dental clinic contacts the patient for them to come try on the dentures and make certain they fit perfectly. The patient is then able to resume a normal diet and be confident in their smile.


If you are in need of dentures, then contact our dentist office in the Bellaire and Sharpstown area. Our prosthodontics and general dentistry staff looks forward to helping you achieve the smile you’ve been wanting.