Making Life Normal Again with Dentures

2018-02-21T08:00:13+00:00 February 21st, 2018|Dentures, Prosthodontics|0 Comments

Dentures have proven to be incredibly important for dental patients who have struggled through having few or no teeth at all.

People who are missing all of their teeth or a large portion of their teeth know how difficult simple oral functions can be. When patients have only a few teeth, it makes common things, like speaking and chewing, hard to do. It can create speech impediments while also drastically changing their diet.

These replacement teeth can be easily removed for cleaning or before going to bed. At Bright Value Dental, we utilize prosthodontics to restore our patients to normal oral functionality.


When dental patients come to our Bellaire dentist office, our dentist conducts an extremely thorough dental examination of their mouth. From there, they educate the patient on exactly what needs to be done to restore their mouth.

Afterward, we take an impression of the patient’s mouth. This ensures that our dentist can have the perfect set of false teeth created for the patient. This impression is used at the prosthodontics lab that manufactures our dentures.

Once the dentures are created in the lab, our dental office in Bellaire contacts the patient to inform them that their false teeth have arrived. When the patient arrives, our dentist sits down with the patient and has them try the dentures on. This is to ensure the fit is perfect and comfortable.

Once the patient approves of how the dentures fit and feel, they are able to go home and enjoy their new set of teeth. Our Bellaire and Sharpstown area patients have told us on countless occasions how much their dentures mean to them and how they have changed their life for the better.


If you are in need of false teeth, then contact our south Houston dentist office and schedule your prosthodontics appointment. We look forward to giving you the smile you’ve wanted for so long.